Frequently Asked Questions


NECAPreneur is sponsored by Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association (NECA) in partnership with Imagine Business Services (IBS).

NECA is a Business Membership Organization (BMO) providing a platform for private sector employers to interact with the government, labour, communities and other relevant institutions in and outside Nigeria for the purpose of promoting harmonious business environment that will engender productivity and prosperity for the benefit of all. NECA’s current membership is about 3,500 members.

IBS is a leading IT business solutions company

NECAPreneur is an e-solution targeted at providing an easy-to- access opportunity for the teeming Nigerian youths to upscale their skills and ultimately add to national development.

NECAPreneur targets young people with the following criteria:

1.       100 level – final year undergraduates

2.       Fresh graduates already engaged in entrepreneurship

3.       Literate Nigerians already engaged entrepreneurship

Once you complete the simple registration process for participation on NECAPreneur, you are ready to go. The course is delivered in 3 stages – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced with each of these stages consisting of between 7 – 9 Modules on different aspects of entrepreneurship.

Each of the Training Module is delivered online using animated video and pdf media. All training materials are non-downloadable & non-transferrable.


All questions are simple multi-choice options.

Participants would be Pre-tested for each of the 3 stages and thereafter tested after each Module to establish learning. Modules scores are aggregated for each stage and a performance report generated for participants.

Pass mark is set at 50% for each of the modules. Entrepreneurship is a professional calling, participants are therefore expected to have a balanced grounding in all aspects covered in all


Participants who fail to meet the 50% mark would be required to retake module at no extra charge to them.


A certificate of participation showing the modules taken and respective scores attained would be issued to participants on completion of the 3 stages.


You progress from Basic through Intermediate and then Advanced. Progress is premised on achievement of required pass mark (50%) in all Modules at every stage.

To sustain learning and interest, each stage is expected to be attempted and completed within 2 months of signing up for the stage. Your registration lapses after 2 months and you would then be required to re-sit the stage.

Participants are to pay N5,000.00 (Five Thousand Naira Only) as part of signing up for each of the 3 stages.

Benefits include the fact that we:-

1. hand-hold participants on Entrepreneurship (From Scratch to Top)

2. teach the ABC of Entrepreneurship - anyone can succeed

3. provide internship leads with SMEs. Etc.

4. help link prospective entrepreneurs to available support systems

5. provide opportunity for face-to- face engagement with leading senior entrepreneurs

(Twice a year in Lagos NECAPreneur Parley)

6. provide you with a Certificate of participation

Participation in NECAPreneur grants you access to opportunity for face-to- face engagement with leading senior entrepreneurs (Twice a year in Lagos NECAPreneur Parley). This full day face-to- face classroom and hands-on workshop experience is only for those who complete the 3 courses of NECAPreneur.

Yes. NECA has some SME organisations on our database and this is being updated regularly with more. Every student that completes the entire course (24 modules) stands a chance to be offered internship. Please note that Internship is intended to kick off in 2018 when the entire program would have been completed (i.e. Post Advanced Course). Please also note that Internship opportunity will be dependent on other factors like interest area, location etc. Our ultimate plan is to have MSMEs/MNCs partners with us pan Nigeria for internship.

NECA has some relationships with external organisations that translates to opportunities for participants on NECAPreneur e.g. Opportunity to acquire Technical & Vocational Skills, Opportunity to Access Grants and Information on Start-up to access Capital & Grow Business.

NECAPreneur is a partnership involving the following organisations:

1. Nigerian Employers Consultative Association (NECA). NECA are the owners of the NECAPreneur concept

2. Imagine Business Solutions (IBS). IBS are the builders and owners of technology that powers NECAPreneur

3. Redwood Consulting Limited (RC). RC are the marketing consultants (with end-to-end responsibility for product delivery of NECAPreneur)

Yes, such Institutions can embrace NECAPreneur. NECAPreneur can provide technology platform for adoption and delivery of school’s existing in addition to its world class curriculum.
NECAPreneur primary beneficiaries are Students. However, we seek to partner with Institutions such that they act as coordinators ensuring proper alignment with other school programs and NECAPreneur offering marketing support to such institutions.
NECAPreneur provides a flexible platform for the learning of entrepreneurship as participants can either take the program individually/independently or en-masse through regulation and coordination by their institutions. When regulated and coordinated by the institutions, NECAPreneur lectures and classes are flexed to suit Institutions time-table.
NECAPreneur can send them promotional materials, do road-shows. We expect these institutions to deploy their internal communications structure to get to students.