DG, NECA Introduces NECAPreneur

10-07-2017 NECAPreneur Team

MEET DG, NECA (Mr Olusegun Oshinowo)

My name is Olusegun Oshinowo, the Director General, Nigeria Employers' Consultative Association (NECA). NECA is a business membership organization that has been in existence since 1957. NECA represent the interest of enterprises in every nook and cranny of Nigeria. The issue of unemployment have been worrisome for us and we are indeed not surprised that today in the newspaper, the foremost industrialist in Nigeria ALIKO DANGOTE did make a point that ‘’unemployment has become an issue that should be focused upon’’ and as NECA we have taking it up as our social responsibility to bring our expertise, our network to work with the government in getting our youths to be wealth creators rather than job seeker. The NECAPreneurship will be targeting youths and undergraduates in Nigeria. And the whole idea really is to create an environment where we can get our undergraduates before they even leave the university and those who have left the university and unable to get a job to embrace entrepreneurship. The new dispensation we are in now where unemployment has reached the roof top will demand a new approach. As representative of employers, we have the statistics and the jobs are simply not there, that is the truth about it. Demand for jobs has way-way outstripped the supply for jobs and this is going to continue for a while and we would want to enjoin our youths to take their destinies in their hands by embracing entrepreneurship.

Nigeria is listed as one of the countries that would be delivering on positive GDP growth rate in the next couple of years, our youths should not be discouraged with the current recession but rather be encouraged to know that the prospects and potential for this economy is great and this is the time for them to position themselves to take advantage of business opportunities in this environment.

So as many youths that want to embrace the NECAPreneurship, we’ll be sharing with them business opportunities in this environment. We will be empowering them on ways and means they can explore to turn their business idea into profitable businesses. We would also be linking them up with our rich network which include several companies that have made the success of their endeavor in this environment and that is what they are going to really derive as benefits by enlisting with NECAPreneurship.

We’ve recognized the need to tap into all avenues of expertise to make a success of this endeavor and we are quite happy to be collaborating with Imagine (Business) Solutions Limited as our partner in this project. They are providing the technical support for this wonderful initiative.  We are equally tapping into our network with the International Labour Organization (ILO) to make sure that the Nigerian youths will be getting the best from this initiative.

I can assure the youths that there has never been anything like what we are trying to put across to them as means of becoming entrepreneurship and I really want to encourage them to give it a shot. They will not regret it and its going to stay with them all through.

So Nigerian youths, you are welcome to participate and to patronize the NECApreneurship, that is the way to your future  and we welcome you.