Who we are


NECA is a Business Membership Organisation (BMO) providing a platform for private sector employers to interact with the government, labour, communities and other relevant institutions in and outside Nigeria for the purpose of promoting harmonious business environment that will engender productivity and prosperity for the benefit of all. NECA’s current membership is about 3,500 members and still counting.

In line with NECA’s mission to influence economic and socio-labour policies to create a favourable business environment, it has launched NECAPreneur by Q2 of 2017 in collaboration with Imagine Business Solutions.

NECAPreneur is an e-solution targeted at providing an easy-to-access opportunity for the teeming Nigerian youths and others to upscale their skills and ultimately add to national development.

Focus of NECAPreneur

Nigeria has a population estimated at 182 million, about 50% of which is below 30 years and a further 11.2 million of this is unemployed (Vanguard News).

NECAPreneur seeks to intentionally develop and make entrepreneurs of Nigerian youths. This it does by creating awareness among the youths, activation of the scheme in tertiary institutions across Nigeria, recruitment of participants, eventual certification of successful participants who complete the 3 stages, and provision of end-to-end guidance/resources (thus engendering success) for participants in the scheme.